The Salt Lake County Democratic Party supports the redistricting maps presented by the Fair Boundaries Initiative

Senators McAdams and Davis and Representatives King, Hendrickson and Watkins are fighting for us, but they need our help! The Utah Republican Party continues to attack our Democratic incumbents and gerrymander Utah's House and Senate Districts for partisan gain.

The Salt Lake County Democratic Party supports the Fair Boundaries Redistricting maps for the following reasons:

  • They are drawn in accordance with the anti-gerrymandering standards presented in the Fair Boundaries Citizen’s Initiative;

  • They keep the greatest number of communities together of any of the maps that have been presented to the public during the 2011 redistricting hearings;

  • They ensure optimal access to our elected representatives by having the most compact districts presented to the public; and,

  • They ensure “one person, one vote” by having the smallest populations deviations

50,011 people signed the Fair boundaries initiative to create an independent redistricting commission with rules and standards to keep communities together. A Salt Lake Tribune poll showed support of 73% of Utah citizens. Given these overwhelming numbers, we argue our leaders to listen to the will of the people and adopt these sensible, fair, maps.

Action Items:

- Please visit to view these maps and leave comments

- Send a letter to the editor of any and all newspapers on the State of Utah

- Contact your state legislators and urge them to support the Fair Boundaries maps

- Attend the Redistricting Committee hearing at the State Capitol on September 22 and let them know you support the Fair Boundaries maps.

- Sign the Fair Redistricting Petition at then post on facebook and send to your list.

- Join a host of other citizens on October 3 at 11:30 am at the Capitol Rotunda for the Fair Redistricting Rally. Lunch will be provided